We are a group of physicians who are committed to working together to ensure that our members have a unified and impactful role in the decisions that affect the safety and quality of care of our patients.
woman in teal shirt wearing white mask
woman in teal shirt wearing white mask
person in blue denim jeans with gray and black metal padlock
person in blue denim jeans with gray and black metal padlock

We aim to achieve our mission by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a seat at all tables where decisions are made that affect patient care.

  • Standardizing processes for physician-administration communication and contract negotiation.

  • Protecting the well being of our physicians by ensuring safe and supportive working conditions, as well as advocating for fair work practices that help to prevent burnout and moral injury.

  • Negotiating compensation and benefit plans that are fair and competitive in the current market. This will allow us to positively impact physician retention and to attract new highly qualified and motivated physician candidates to join our institution.

  • Seeking to develop, maintain, and improve collaborative relationships with other sectors that participate in patient care, including APPs, nurses, and allied health professionals.

  • Providing our physicians with solidarity and support by encouraging interdepartmental communication and cooperation, as well as open and transparent communication with administration.

  • Providing an organized process for obtaining professional and legal support in cases of potential physician-employer disputes, as well as protecting physicians against unfair disciplinary and termination procedures.

In a healthcare industry that has become overwhelmingly dominated by fiscal priorities and inundated with layering of administrative personnel, physicians have become increasingly marginalized.
Physicians are uniquely placed to be not only the most personally invested in our individual patients, but also the most knowledgeable about how that care should be provided. We seek to collect our voices to reassert our rightful place within the house of medicine, to impact positively our hospital, our patients, and ultimately, our healthcare system.